The Soul’s Book of Answers®

soulbookThe Soul’s Book of Answers™ is out of print but may be found in some used books locations.

In need of spiritual guidance? Try bibliomancy, the ancient art of foretelling the future using books. Hold The Soul’s Book of Answers® closed, and for a few seconds concentrate on your question or say it aloud. Stroke the edge of the pages with your finger. When you feel the time is right, open the book to the page where your finger stopped. There is your answer.

Bolt has modernized and perfected the design and content of this format. And where her previous title, Love’s Book of Answers, offered direction for those with romance on their minds, The Soul’s Book of Answers® contains wisdom from writings drawn from many spiritual traditions. This new Book of Answers addresses open-ended questions such as “How should I face this situation?” or “What do I need to do about…?” Whether the question is about a moral conflict, a future event, or simply, “What should I meditate on today?” this book of divination will help anyone’s spiritual quest.

Where to Buy the Soul’s Book of Answers

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* published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang (an imprint of Abrams)