Are you certain of your future? Your job? Relationships? Money?

If the answer is “no,” then this follow-up to the bestselling The Book of Answers will help you find the solutions from famous works of literature—and what a wealth of advice it provides…

If you’re curious about whether you’ll get that promotion or land that account, buy a new car or tell your mother-in-law what you really think of her cooking, you can expect superb guidance from the likes of William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Henry James, and Charles Dickens. Featuring such pearls of wisdom as “To thine own self be true,” “Keep up appearances whatever you do,” and “Tread lightly,” this entertaining and provocative book will provide hours of fun and fortune-telling, while helping readers brush up on their literary knowledge. The perfect gift for questioners of all types and stripes, The Literary Book of Answers is for anyone who’s got a burning question…“and that’s the answer.”


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