Mom’s Book of Answers®

momsbookMom’s Book of Answers™ is out of print but may be found in some used books locations.

Everyone has a mom, and we can all use, from time to time, advice from Mom. For seekers of wisdom, here is Mom’s Book of Answers®, offering oracular counsel of the maternal kind. Carol Bolt’s Book of Answers® series follows the practice of bibliomancy, or foretelling the future through books.

The natural successor to The Soul’s Book of Answers® and Love’s Book of Answers®, this beautifully packaged volume draws advice from that ancient wellspring of hard-won wisdom-other moms. Whether you’re seeking guidance about a specific or general parenting issue, or just need that particular point of view for yourself, the solution — from moms through the ages — is channeled through this prophetic guide. So when you find yourself wondering “What would mom say?” about a hold the book closed and meditate on your query or dilemma. Your question can be as long or as short as you like. As you riffle the pages back to front with your thumb, ask yourself “What would mom say?” When you feel the time is right, stop and open the book to the page where your fingers came to rest. There is your answer.

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* published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang (an imprint of Abrams)