lovebookIn the best-selling tradition of her Book of Answers, Carol Bolt brings us Love’s Book of Answers®, the perfect volume for anyone enraptured or tortured by love. This seductive, insightful, and highly entertaining book provides Delphic answers to any and all questions about the amatory future. Drawing on the ancient wisdom of bibliomancy — the art of foretelling the future using books — this divination tool between covers provides answers to any yes-or-no question about your romantic life. Whatever your concern (and anyone looking for love has at least a thousand) Love’s Book of Answers can help you find your way. Now available on the App Store with new and improved answers.

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Nights and review lovedogMilo the Pomeranian peruses his romantic future with Love’s Book of Answers Photo: J. McNeely * published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang (an imprint of Abrams)