Be a know it all, or just act like one with The Movie Book of Answers®! At last, sweet mystery of life you’ve found it! Still looking for a way to know what tomorrow will bring? Here’s where you’ll find the answers that only Hollywood could provide.


A memorable gift at the holiday season and all year ‘round, this unique, affordable & handsome book is for you. The Movie Book of Answers contains answers from over 150 films, including advice from classics such as Casablanca (“Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon”), and pithy gems from modern blockbusters like Fargo: “You’re darned tootin’! ” So what are you waiting for?… Go ahead—ask your question.

* published by Hachette Books:


Where to Buy the Movie Book of Answers

Elliott Bay Bookstore


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Barnes and Noble


Wholesale Inquiries

Hachette Book Group’s Customer Service
Tel: 800-759-0190

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