Dad’s Book of Answers®

dadscoverDad’s Book of Answers® is out of print but may be found in some used books locations.

As the old saying goes, “Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual.” Well, a Dad’s hard-won and readily shared words of wisdom come very close to being just that kind of instruction book. With this beautifully designed collection of advice culled from many fathers and in a voice that is unmistakably a concerned yet loving father’s point of view, you can receive those nuggets of wisdom to your everyday and even not-so-everyday questions.

Dad’s Book of Answers®, is the 7th book in the tremendously successful Book of Answers series that follows the practice of bibliomancy, foretelling the future through books. For questions ranging from “Is this who I should take out on a date (to the prom)?” to “Should I buy a new car?” or even “Will the Steelers win this season?” this book has the answers for you. Simply meditate on or speak the question aloud while riffling through the pages, and stop when the time feels right. Open the book and there is your answer. in addition, you won’t get grounded if you disagree!

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* published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang (an imprint of Abrams)