“It knows everything… I knew there was something to it when I first jokingly asked it if it really did have all the answers. The book’s response?  –‘You don’t really care, do you?’ — I figure if it could get that one off a joke, it must be able to guide a...


“A fun book… gave this to a friend as a birthday gift- and it proved to the hit of the evening. Its utterly silly- often riotously funny and at times eerily on-target”


“This book is just for fun, don’t be too serious”


 “Modern day 8-ball… this is a great little book, a modern day version of the classic eight ball, only more ‘sophisticated’. It is reasonably priced, attractively bound and is versatile enough to be a great gift for both men and women. And let’s face  it, everyone can...


 “All the answers…The Book of Answers is a great conversation starter/party coffee table book. It is such a simple idea, yet you’ll get hours of fun and entertainment out of it.”


 “It has everything…I liked it because it’s exactly what it is supposed to be. Light, witty and fun!”