1. robbin

    Hi Carol, I love your book of answers.
    I bought it at the airport in HK one day – and find it very fascinating.
    Unusually, confidentially, and with only the best intentions,
    without any self interest – I looked up the numbers of your name
    and found 326; 300 for safety, philosophy and belief,
    20 for austerity and sadness ( unfortunately)
    and 6 for perfect labour. The remedy for the possible austerity and sadness , or one remedy is to add the letter ‘K’ perhaps as a middle initial. I write this as a way of saying thanks to
    you – only – if you wish you can experiment with the letter K.
    I myself have empirical thinking – to justify what may be considered ‘superstitious’
    and would consider the cause effect – as a test or experiment only.
    The K – would add a 10 to give 336 , whereby 30 is for fame and a wedding –
    If it works , if you really need this ‘remedy’ of sorts, I shall be happy for you.
    If you are married already – I would consider ignoring the ‘K’ – as its absence would be inconsistent in your case, balanced by the ‘300’.
    I just wanted to share this ‘philosophy’ with you and that is all I need to do, Thanks for your book again – for your philosophy etc…. All the Best.

  2. Stephanie J. Frostad

    Hello again, Dear Carol! So glad I got to visit with you here in Missoula. I also enjoyed visiting your website. The scope of your work is so vast! I hope you have more time and energy available to it in the coming seasons. Warm Regards, Stephanie


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